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I love having tarragon in the yard! Apparently it doesn’t dry well. I attempted both preservation methods: mixing it with butter, rolling it, and storing it in the freezer, and stuffing it into a bottle with some white wine vinegar.

Nick and I broke out the tarragon butter for Valentine’s day steaks, and it was FANTASTIC. Made me miss summer, when I was making mayonnaise-ish sauces with the stuff for grilled salmon and vegetables. The vinegar I haven’t used much, but I do like what I’ve tasted.

I pruned the tarragon back to the soil level, and it’s sprouting up nicely already (2/27). Cannot wait.

Seeded IndoorsDate PlantedLocationNumber PlantedFirst HarvestLast Harvest
June 1, 2009Bed 1 – Northwest1

First 2015 harvest: 5/19