In July of 2014, Nick and I moved into a house in West Seattle.

Man, Google, you need to get on creepier, higher-resolution spy pics of people’s yards. What you get:


The yard was (and is, we decided to pay┬áthe landscapers to keep coming back) impeccably maintained. It’s full of edible plants and six raised beds (not maintained!) placed in Trivial Pursuit formation. Well, seven, if you count the one hidden around the side of the garage, which is hideously overgrown at the moment. In the above photo, it’s that barely distinguishable rectangle directly south of the garage’s roof peak. There are also two large planters up against the side of the house which I’m determined will NOT grow weeds like they did last year. One held strawberries, I guess, but those mostly escaped and grew like gangbusters everywhere BUT the planter. Those planters are visible in the upper right corner.


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