New Year!

Well. Did I ever do terribly keeping track of last year’s garden.

Things that did well:

  • Tomatoes. The tomato bed did so well this year I feel like I spent half my summer roasting tomatoes and freezing the results. It was glorious. I plan on doing less large ones this year, though, and focusing on flavor for preserving.
  • Kale. Kale always seems to do amazing. Will do again this year. Lotta white cabbage moth caterpillars and eggs to remove, but that’s how it goes.
  • Swiss chard. I failed miserably at this in 2014, so I was pretty excited to do ok this year!
  • Dill. Aphids really coated these guys, but I plan on growing a TON more dill this year, because:
  • Cucumbers. I don’t love cucumbers, but wow do I love pickles (and wow did I make a lot of them!). Need more dill, more garlic, more onion, more more more.
  • Garlic. I decided to devote last year’s tomato bed (the south bed) solely to garlic. I planted the west half of the bed with cloves from this year’s harvest, and the east half with some Chinese pink, which should be ready much earlier in the season. Both have sprouted, but the Chinese pink is definitely growing much faster already!
  • Peas. Both snap and English, so great, always.
  • Summer savory. This was a total treat of an herb, I’d love to do much more this year. More herbs in general, actually.

Things that did not do well enough:

  • Zucchini/summer squash. We got a few, but nothing like the first year. On the bright side, I learned that 1 parts milk to 3 or 4 parts water makes an excellent spray to deter powdery mildew. Remind me to spray in advance this year.
  • Broccoli. We got one head, but the rest of the plants never really matured and they were magnets for those stupid white cabbage moths.
  • Carrots. Didn’t do so well with the carrots.
  • Onions. Only one Walla Walla made it, which I carefully dehydrated and have been using in pickles and dressings since. I think I’m finally out.
  • Radishes. We got a few good ones, but not as many as the first year.
  • Yellow pole beans. These were too tough, but grew super well.
  • Cranberry beans. I need to figure out a better way to dry these!

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