Drying Tarragon

Again with the food dehydrator. I’m going to run this machine into the ground!

The Internet says that tarragon doesn’t retain its flavor when dried, but I gave it a whirl last night anyway…and as far as drying an herb goes, it’s one of the easiest! The brittle leaves pull right off the stems with little trouble and little extra stem-y bits mixed in.

The smell is nice, so far, but I haven’t tried it in a dish. The¬†real reason I’m trying this is because my favorite post-lunch tea at work, Tazo’s Refresh Mint, is just mint, tarragon, and spearmint. I have two of the three in my yard, so why not try a little homemade herbal tea?

Thyme Flowers

Now that I have a food dehydrator, I’m drying as many¬†garden herbs as I can before they pass their prime.

Turns out you can dry thyme flowers…they’re edible and taste great! Plus allowing your thyme bush to flower doesn’t affect the herb’s taste, although pinching off the flowers may encourage the plant to grow more leaves. Which, not being a problem for me, I’ve decided to leave the latest batch of flowers on the bush.