The Other Bed

Murray and the Other Bed

The six beds in Trivial Pursuit formation are what I focused on for the first year in the house. But there’s another bed on the south side of the garage, surrounded (and filled) with weeds and a long distance away from where the hose reaches. That photo above? That’s after the first weeding sometime last summer, which was exhausting. Most of it was filled with waist-high dead grass (you can see a little of it left in the upper left corner, I think I’d found a giant millipede on my shoulder and given up a little early that day). I also found a not-insignificant number of clumps of gone-wild garlic, from which I used the tops in whatever I was cooking that night.

This weekend, we had a small break in the rain so instead of taking the dog for a long walk (sorry, dog) I decided to weed out this bed for good. It was easier this time (and less millipede-y, although there were some REALLY fat grubs), and the number of little garlic clumps were fewer.

I was planning on planting my tomatoes here, but I’m less sure of that plan now. For one, the water situation—although on my long list of to-dos is to take advantage of Seattle’s RainWise program and put in a rain barrel. However, the more likely spot for the barrel would be over near the Trivial Pursuit beds, so…problem not solved. The other reason this was going to be the tomato bed: the previous owners cautioned us against planting tomatoes too closely to our other beds for disease reasons. The Internet seems to be calling bullshit on that advice, though? I’m not planning on growing peppers or eggplant or potatoes this year anyway! However, it’s a good amount of space for all those tomatoes I do want to raise, and I think the sun exposure back in this bed is wonderful.

Time to do a little research into what doesn’t mind being slightly neglected in a super sunny area, it seems.

I’ve ordered some black plastic sheeting to put down and halt those weeds (and warm up the soil), and some clear sheeting to create cloches on the Trivial Pursuit beds. Look how much I got done today!

Grass-free bed

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