First Indoor Starts!

First seedings!

Last Saturday my order of seeds arrived and I couldn’t help myself: I started a few seedlings using a kit I found at McLendon’s Hardware. I figured I’d be starting the majority of my indoor sowing later in February, so this was my trial run (and, an attempt to learn how best to stagger yields this year).

There’s a good mix going above, each plant is seeded in four peat…pucks? After soaking them for a bit, I put three seeds (well, two for each shallot, I ran out of seeds) in each puck and covered them with peat using a chopstick. I plan to pull out/snip off the weaker seedlings as they pop up.

There are three types of tomatoes: Siletz, Brandywine, and Mortgage Lifter. Obviously, I love tomatoes and would extra love to grow a million of them this year.

Next row down, there’s some Wild Garden kale (sprouting like mad by Wednesday, some of the others are still napping it off or playing it all cool-like, but not the kale), some chives, and Belstar broccoli. I already yanked out a couple weak kale starts, simply because they were already so obvious!

Finally, the bottom row uses up the last of 2014’s Megaton leek, Conservor shallot, and Walla Walla onion seed. I’m not so sure the ones I planted in the fall made it through the winter, and I’d really rather not go without.

Why’s the tray in such an odd spot? Well, between the dog and the cat, both of whom like to investigate and eat anything remotely green, A’s off-limits room near the heat register was the only safe, warm-ish spot in the house. A seed warmer arrives today! Along with some black mulch to whip the “other” bed into shape once and for all.

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