An Update on What’s Already Truckin’ for 2015


Aw, look how weird and charming baby rhubarb is. This isn’t red rhubarb, but green rhubarb, which tastes the same but is much more productive. Nick’s mother’s trick is to put red food coloring into her rhubarb compotes. My solution was to make a strawberry rhubarb pie (right, just for the color!). The pie’s from last summer. Nick prefers straight rhubarb pie, so that’s on the to-do list for this year.


Every single clove I planted came up! Including two I thought weren’t going to after most of them sprouted, so I shoved a couple more cloves down into the soil a couple of weeks later. Since those turned out to be doubles, I pulled up the weaker of each set.


A late fall cold snap (which included a tiny bit of snow) did some serious damage to these poor little seedlings. I planted leeks, Walla Wallas, and shallots each in a corner of a triangle-shaped bed, and I think only the leeks have survived. They’re still pretty shrimpy, though. Also, next year? I’ll be better about noting what I plant where in a bed. Sigh.


I planted chives both early and late summer and they did not make it either time. I planted some inside, in a small planter in a window, and forgot to tell Nick to water the pot on his rounds. Thumbs down on chives for me. Unless, watch, those suckers take hold and run wild like the parsley and borage did in summer 2014.

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