Fall Seedlings

This bed has now sprouted fava beans (on the left) and radishes, which are looking a little harried. It doesn’t help that an animal (neighbor’s cat, or the raccoons that visit nightly) has been digging around in here a lot.

Next Year’s Garlic & Onions

Overwintering for 2015! I saved a few heads of garlic from this summer’s harvest and the cloves I planted are coming up (not all, but most, at least so far).

On the right is the tiniest Walla Walla onion. I’m trying to grow from seed…so far so good, we’ll see if they survive the winter.

The shallots and leeks (both also from seed) are coming up too, and look exactly like the onions. I’m trying to beat back the other sprouting greens in this bed but it’s proving difficult when they’re so small.