Mystery Plants

Mystery plants! They popped up without being planted by me. Pretty sure the ones on the left are tomatillos now, but the ones on the right are still unidentified (and less wilty after watering and less sun).

The Southeast Bed

My Swiss chard, the one errant basil plant (in totally the wrong end of the bed), and the mystery plants that have appeared where basil should be: tentatively identified as tomatillos by Brea.

Update: that basil plant wasn’t basil. It was the insidious mint that lives in that bed. A basil plant DID briefly pop up elsewhere, but didn’t last long.

Crazy String Trellis = Beans and Peas

Sugar snaps and velour beans progress in the southwest bed! So maybe the velour green beans are actually bush beans, but whatever.

Pick Your Apples While You Can

And then the apple tree split in half. Sigh. That’s what we get for not picking all of the apples.